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Разработаем для вас индивидуальный 
тур по Алтаю или организуем корпоративное 
мероприятие на природе


Туристическая фирма «Алтай-Хантинг» приглашает всех в увлекательные и необычные охотничьи туры! Уникальная дикая природа Горного Алтая, колыбели одной из древнейших цивилизаций охотников и воинов, и профессионализм опытных егерей позволят вам испытать настоящий охотничий азарт и стать обладателем чудесного трофея. Особый колорит этих мест, где все окутано древними легендами, создаст в путешествии незабываемую атмосферу, и вы долгие годы будете хранить в памяти воспоминания о поездке и обязательно захотите вернуться сюда еще не раз. «Алтай-Хантинг» сделает все, чтобы вы смогли насладиться удивительными пейзажами первозданной природы и добыть отличные трофеи.

Рыболовные туры.

Активные туры по Республике Алтай

Оформление визовой поддержки для иностранных туристов. 

Постановка на учет в Миграционной Службе.

Registering your visa in Russia

Оформление пропусков на въезд в приграничную зону

Аренда вертолетов



Altai-Hunting services

Altai-Hunting staff  stays behind the clients with full-service support and controls that every aspect of your hunting trip from your arrival to your departure goes exactly as it is planned. Our services include meeting and greeting, visa support documents, border permission, gun permits, all necessary international veterinary certificates, CITES permits.

It is necessary to  receive the detailed filled out copy of your personal info  2 months ahead of your hunting trip The Form is required for both a hunter and an observer as well.

You must apply for your visa prior to traveling. The following documents should be submitted to the Russian Embassy or Consulate to obtain your Russian visa: Russian Visa application form that should be completed and signed, 2 passport-type photographs, confirmation letter (invitation) from the authorized Russian Travel company, tourist voucher.

Having received your personal info Altai-Hunting staff provides you with support documents (confirmation letter and tourist voucher) that you need to get your Russian Tourist Visa. This visa type is issued for tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business reason. Tourist visas are issued for a maximum of 14-30 days.
Be advised that your passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay in Russia.

Our hunters are not covered by any insurance. They are requested to obtain their own insurance.

Firearm import / export permit
An import/export permit is required upon your arrival. We must receive such information as serial numbers, caliber and gun manufacturer details as well as ammunition quantities in advance of your hunt. Please note that changes are regularly made to the gun control regulations. We will endeavor to keep up to date and advise you of any changes. Handguns and bows are strictly forbidden in Russia. Please inquire the destination country regulations if differs. We provide you with the gun import permit. The copy of the document is sent to you in a week before your arrival. The original of the gun import permit you get from our representative upon your arrival. You should keep the document till your departure.

Veterinary and CITES permits
Prior to your hunt we are to inform you about the possibility of getting the trophy out of the country. It depends on certain species and a country of export and import. In majority of cases it is enough to have the international veterinary certificate getting by our representative in the veterinary department of the airport on the day of your departure.
If accordance with regulations of the destination country trophies cannot be introduced right after the hunt, we forward  trophies to a taxidermy studio for dip, pack and further airfreight to the destination of your choice, while the necessary documents are pending.

Some species require CITES export and import permit. CITES Permits are required for:  Brown Bear, Wolf. It is important that you are in possession of relevant CITES permits issued by the county you will be importing your trophies to. Owing to various complications involved in obtaining CITES Permits, we strongly recommend you to select a taxidermist in the country of final destination before commencing your safari. Your taxidermist, wildlife department or agricultural agency will be able to advise you on your destinations particular CITES and import regulations. Altai-Hunting  provides you with the CITES export permit. It can be issued before the hunt or after it. As soon as CITES export permit is ready, you get the copy of the document by e-mail or by fax and can proceed with your import permit if needed. Export and other documentation are processed on your behalf.

Airlines International flights
Before  booking and buying your international tickets, please, check with your manager the comprehensible time of your arrival/departure. Be advised that to change the international airport for the domestic one on the day of your arrival you must have a gap of 6-7 hours in between for the transfer. Please be aware, that you can arrive to one airport and depart from the other one placed in the other part of the city. If you stay overnight in Moscow upon arrival/departure, choice of the airport and time of arrival/departure is free.

Luggage regulations
Luggage regulations and rules vary from airline to airline so it is a necessity that you check with each airline you will be using or your travel agent the particular requirements of traveling with firearms. Do not bring too much luggage with you as you will pay high overweight charges within Russia.

Meeting and Greeting
Hunting in Russia
Please, be sure to fill out a Custom Declaration Form on arrival. Our representative will meet you with the original of your gun import permit after the passport control at the baggage claim or near the red channel (customs control zone).
Once you have finalized all formalities you will be transferred to either the domestic airport for the next flight or to a hotel which we will pre-book for you. Mainly we try to book the hotels near the airport of arrival to avoid the delays caused by Moscow traffic. If you have enough time we can book a hotel in the city center for you to visit historical and cultural places of Moscow.

The Guides and Interpreter guides
Local guides and interpreters will be with you during your hunt. Be sure and express your desire to the interpreter or representative in the hunting area as to what you would like to do in the way of hunting, accommodation and "your likes and dislikes". Put all your impressions into the hunting protocol.

Each member of our team, both in the fields and in the office provides you with full time support during your traveling within Russia.